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Associate Certified Entomologist Study Exam and Practice Exam

Reinforce your studying with our ACE Study Exam, which gives question-by-question feedback as you progress through the exam, helping you drill the concepts and prepare for the real exam.

Then, once you think you are prepared for the exam, test your level of readiness with our ACE Practice Exam.

Board Certified Entomologist Practice Exam

Take our BCE Practice Exam to find out how prepared you are for the real exam and to drill the material covered on the exam.

Whether you just graduated with your degree in entomology or you are coming in with years of experience in the field, the BCE Exam will challenge your skills in entomology. Our BCE Practice Exam will show you if you are ready to sit for the exam or, if not, where you need to direct your studies.

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Associate Certified Entomologist Prep Classes

Our classes and practice exam can help you prepare for the ACE Exam. We also recommend using the official study guide from ESA.

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Portrait of a comanche harvester ant worker from Red Rock, Texas. Public domain image by Alex Wild, produced by the Insects Unlocked project at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ant ID Challenge

How well do you know your ants? With this challenge, you have to identify 25 common and not some common ants that pest management professionals encounter. If you’re not confident ...
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housefly-1127619 small

Filth Fly Challenge

Can you pass the challenge? Test your skills at controlling Filth Flies in Commercial Accounts in this fly control game while earning CEUs for your state. This class covers the ...
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Insect Biology and Control

NEW CLASS! Whether you are new to pest control, you are studying for the ACE exam, or you want to study insect biology as it relates to control in more ...
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Intro to Urban Integrated Pest Management

Intro to Urban Integrated Pest Management

COMING SOON! IPM is key to effective pest management. This class explains what IPM is and provides you with a framework you can apply in structural pest control. This class ...
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Stinging Insect Challenge

Challenge your knowledge in Stinging Insect Control while earning CEUs for your state. This class covers the major bees and wasps that pest management professionals encounter in North America. We ...
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Indian Meal Moth

Stored Product Pest ID Challenge

How well do you know your stored product pests? Learn about moths, beetles, and other stored product pests while practicing identification. We also covers basic biology and behavior as related ...
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Presentations and Training
We have the entomological background to speak credibly about pest management and the hands-on experience to make sure our training gives the audience information they can apply in their work.

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Award-Winning E-Learning
We received the 2010 Board Certified Entomologists of Mid-America Educational Project Award for one of our E-Learning programs. Our material is built from our years of experience training pest management technicians around the world.
Inspections, Audits, and Troubleshooting
We are experienced in commercial and residential accounts, and have worked extensively with food service accounts, multifamily housing, and food processing facilities that are audited by AIB, NSF, BRC, GFSI, and other standards.

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