Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Practice Exam

the-cockroaches-834021 copyPrepare for the ACE Exam with our study material. Test your knowledge against about 200 questions, each with detailed answers to help you learn the material.   

First, reinforce your studying with our ACE Study Exam.  Unlike a traditional exam, where you don’t find out what you got right or wrong, this exam gives you answers on each question as you go through the test. And it doesn’t just give you the right answer, instead you’ll get detailed explanations as to which answer is correct and why, helping you increase your ability to pass the actual exam.

Next, test your level of readiness with our ACE Practice Exam. You still get detailed answers - instead of seeing the answers as you go through the test, you can review them after you have completed the exam.

Looking for training on the Insect Classification and the Insect Morphology, Biology, and Behavior sections of the ACE Exam? Our Insect Biology and Control class can help.


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How to Use the Material

There's no doubt that passing the ACE Exam will help set you apart from other pest management professionals.  It will challenge your skills in entomology and pest management.

Start with our ACE Study Exam. Unlike a traditional exam, our study exam is a learning tool, giving you question-by-question feedback as you progress through the exam, helping you drill the concepts and prepare for the real exam. This is not meant as a substitute for studying the recommended material, rather it’s a supplement to find out which concepts you need to work on and to provide feedback on those.

Once you’re confident with the material in the ACE Study Exam, use our ACE Practice Exam as a trial run to see how well you’ve prepared. After you’ve completed the Practice Exam, you can go back and review your answers, getting the feedback on each one, as with the Study Exam. If you didn’t pass, you’ll know where you need to refocus your studies, then you can come back and try the Practice Exam again.

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This means that you still need to register for and pass the official ACE exam with the ESA Certification Company.

Taking our practice exam should help you pass the official exam, but is no guarantee that you will pass the official exam: you still need to study.

Course Details

  • Includes access to the ACE Study Exam and ACE Practice Exam
  • Detailed feedback for answers to aid in learning the material
  • 95 questions on the ACE Study Exam
  • 100 questions on the ACE Practice Exam
  • Unlimited access and retakes for 1 year from date of purchase
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