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Prepare for Your State Pesticide Applicator Exam With Our Study Material

WIWI 7.1 Structural Pest Control Certification Training

Just getting certified or up for recertification? Make sure you are ready by using our 7.1 study material to prepare. Unlike a traditional exam, where you don’t find out what you got right or wrong until the end, our study exam gives you feedback as soon as you answer each question. And it doesn’t just give you the right answer, instead you’ll get detailed explanations as to which answer is correct and why.   >> read more

ILIDPH General Standards for Structural Pest Control Training

Our IDPH General Standards Study Exam doesn't just test your knowledge but also provides training on the test material. The official exam sometimes has a 50% pass rate - make sure you pass it the first time by using our study exam.  It's like having your own personal trainer for the exam! >> read more

In Another State?

Much of the content of state certification tests is similar from state to state. Tests tend to cover the basic principles of pest management, basic biology and control of key pest species, mixing pesticides, pesticide safety, and laws and regs. Registering for our IDPH General Standards for Structural Pest Control Training can help you get ready for passing your state's exam.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: If you are in a state aside from WI or IL and you register for our IDPH General Standards for Structural Pest Control Training, we will refund half the price of our class if you provide feedback on how it compares to your state's exam. When you check out, use the comments section to indicate that you want to provide feedback on your state's exam. Once you take your state's test and provide us with feedback, we'll process the rebate.

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Studying for state certification exams can be difficult.  We've helped over a hundred technicians pass their test, and plan on helping even more by expanding into additional states.

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Presentations and Training
We have the entomological background to speak credibly about pest management and the hands-on experience to make sure our training gives the audience information they can apply in their work.

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Award-Winning E-Learning
We received the 2010 Board Certified Entomologists of Mid-America Educational Project Award for one of our E-Learning programs. Our material is built from our years of experience training pest management technicians around the world.
Inspections, Audits, and Troubleshooting
We are experienced in commercial and residential accounts, and have worked extensively with food service accounts, multifamily housing, and food processing facilities that are audited by AIB, NSF, BRC, GFSI, and other standards.

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